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Teledesign Systems is proud to have sent our TSI9600 Radio Modem, along with our reputation, into orbit on the Space Shuttle Columbia Mission STS-87.

Aercam As part of a wireless data package supplied to NASA by Johnson Data Telemetry the TSI9600 was used to link telemetry data to the AERCam Sprint free-flyer, a small, free-flying camera platform for use outside a spacecraft. The AERCam (shown in the picture to the right) is a spherical unit with a self-contained propulsion system, and the capability to be maneuvered in six degrees of freedom.

Modem in shuttle The TSI9600 was used as an integral part of the over-all control system that allowed Columbia's astronauts to remotely pilot the small craft from inside the shuttle. With the success of this project, astronauts will be able to video tape the outside of the shuttle or operations on the outside from all new angles. In the picture to the left, the TSI9600 is part of the square gold unit shown mounted to the wall.

Aercam over earth If the quality and reliability of Teledesign Systems' products are good enough for this environment, what could we do for you? Please contact us for more information on our complete line of quality wireless modems and accessories.

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